The Backward-Pants Hero

Everyone told him that’s not how it’s done,
but he managed to turn the world around

The show is a humorous take on the current obsession with diagnoses and treatments for ADHD. In a surrealist world made of pants, the hero, who has “Backward-Pants Disorder,” turns out to be the one who saves the world.

“Highly amusing performance, accompanied by
wonderful rhythmic music. Recommended”.

Saloona site, Israel

Performance duration:
40 Minutes

Number of dancers:

Minimal stage dimensions:
9m length x 7m depth X 3m height

Number of viewers:
Maximum 500

The performance was produced by the Israeli Lottery Council
for the Arts at “Affim” Project.

Choreography: Nima Jacoby I Dance: Ishay Karasenti, Yohay Ginton, Shirly Barbie I Story and original music: Israel Bright I Narrator: Omer Frenkel I Costumes and set: Maor Zabar I Light Design: Judy Kupeman I Rehearsal Manager: Niv Marinberg I Photos: Eyal Landesman