Fa-Mi-La Family

Musical instruments come to life through dance

When I was a young girl, my grandfather took me to his workplace at the Philharmonic Orchestra. He introduced me to the various families of musical instruments, and they all played together following his conductor’s baton as if it were a magician’s wand. I fell in love with music that day and wanted to become a conductor just like him when I grow up.

In the dance performance Fa-Mi-La Family, I realise that dream. Like my grandfather, I make various musical instruments come to life through dance.

The performance includes classical masterpieces by Prokofiev, Schubert, Bizet and others, as well as original music by the composer Israel Bright.

“The performance is encouraging
the audience to think creatively and imaginatively”.

TimeOut Israel

Performance duration:
45 Minutes

Number of dancers:

Minimal stage dimensions:
8m length x 6m depth X 3m height

Number of viewers:
for a full stage performance Maximum 500, for a small stage/studio performance Maximum 120

“A wonderful introduction to music
for kids and not only for kids”.

Voice of music, Israel.

Choreography: Nima Jacoby l Dance: Inbar Tanzer & Nima Jacoby l Costumes and Set: Svetlana Lipchitz l Editing and Original Music: Israel Bright l Lighting Design: Matan Preminger l Advisor and Rehearsal Manager: Ishay Kerasanty l Photos: Idan Levi l Graphic Design: Tal Shtern