Bama Dance Group

Imagination in Motion

Bama is the Hebrew word for “stage” or “platform”. Bama Dance Group creates dance performances for children and the entire family since 2006. Each dance work emerges from a collaborative creation process between artists from different fields of the performing arts. The group’s work draws upon experiences and real objects from the daily life of children – from mobile phones to recycled plastic and cardboard products – turning them into a magical performance through imagination and movement. The outcome is exhilarating performances that introduce young viewers to the world of dance, inspiring them to think and dream outside of the box.

Bama Dance Group performs in Israel and abroad and has received awards at various international children’s festivals. The group is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports and is a member of the Choreographers’ Association and Youth Music Israel.

“The magic of the dance transforms the show into
a creative and imaginative encounter with the audience”.

TimeOut, Israel