Cardboard boxes open up to magical worlds

What happens when two children find themselves in the backyard of a card box factory? They uncover hidden worlds: one box contains a big round of applause, another one hides a real princess, and another opens into a forested island. Using their imagination, the children build a new world made of boxes.

“It’s a magic which easily extracts wow exclamations from both
children and adults… It makes children realize the beauty
in simplicity and the playfulness that comes out of the imagination.”

TimeOut, Israel

Performance duration:
45 Minutes

Number of dancers:

Minimal stage dimensions:
9m length x 7m depth x 3m height

Number of viewers:
Number of viewers: for a full stage production Maximum 500, for a small stage/studio performance Maximum 120

Winner of the first prize for ‘Best Performance’ at the Children’s International.

Theatre Festival “100,1000,100,000 Stories” in Bucharest, Romania.

 Choreography: Nima Jacoby I Dance: Ishay Kerasanty & Viki Zao I Story and original music: Israel Bright I Narrator: Omer Frenkel I Sound: Yair Tamir I Costumes and sets: Amalia Sitton I Lighting Design: Nesi Franco l Photos: Eyal Fisher