Get App and Dance

Connecting kids to dance through smart phones

In this show, it’s the dancers who leave their mobile phones on. Using their phones, they play music, record the audience to a rap song with AutoRap app, navigate their way through the audience with Waze, and play Angry Birds. The result is a thrilling interactive performance… until the battery dies. But then the children are called upon to save the day by turning themselves into the next generation of smartphones.

“Bama Dance Group has decided to connect kids to the world of dance
using the device that is so close to their hearts… A must see!”

Saloona Site, Israel

Performance duration:
45 Minutes

Number of dancers:

Minimal stage dimensions:
8m length x 6m depth X 3m height

Number of viewers:
Maximum 200

“An interactive dance for children which is based on mobile phones,
including games and apps that are brought to life:
This is not a critique, but rather a response”.

Calcalist Newspaper, Israel

Choreography: Nima Jacoby l Dance: Yael Nezri & Nima Jacoby l Original Music: Israel Bright l Costumes, Props and Set Designer: Inbal Ben Zaken-Mizo l Artistic Advisor and Rehearsal Manager: Ishay Kerasanti l Photographer: Idan Levi l Graphic Designer: Gili Reuveni